survey Heights Hospital for Animals - the Houston Heights TX Area

Heights Hospital for Animals

333 W. 20th St
Houston, TX 77008


We want your opinion!  We would like to hear your ideas on what makes a great animal hospital. 
Mark an 'X' under the corresponding answer .  Please, mark just one answer per question.
Thank you for your time and input.

Tell us your primary concern with owning a pet?
c-health problems
d.-not enough time to spend with pet

What is your primary dissatisfaction with the veterinary industry?
b.-need earlier hours
c.-need later hours
d.-too impersonal
e.-wait time too long

What is most important to you in a veterinary hospital?
a. the doctor/staff
b.-ability to communicate through email
c.-other services offered. i.e. boarding/pet store/grooming.
d.-providing educational information

Which ancillary services do you like the most?
c.-pet store

What is most important about your veterinarian
a.-time spent with you and your pet
b.-medical knowledge
c.-educating you on your pet's health
d.-involvement in the community

Cat owners-which is most important to you
a.-Cat only day
b.-Specific knowledge of cat issues
c.-play area available while boarding
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