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Heights Hospital for Animals

333 W. 20th St
Houston, TX 77008


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Welcome to Mt Rushmore

Take a vacation to the land of Great Places and Great Faces!

"Take another picture, Dear"

"I dare you to climb to the top..I double dawg dare you!"

African Safari

Don't just go on vacation, go on "Safari"

"My rides a bit bumpy, how's your's?"

Great Barrier Reef

Deep sea diving available. For the less adventurous, snorkeling is an option.

"How cool is that?"

Welcome to Hollywood

Hollywood, where all your dreams come true

"I think I saw Elvis!"

"My nails are just ghastly; where do you get a manicure around here""

The beaches of Tahiti

Book an all inclusive vacation package to Tahiti today!

"Well, hello there. Come here often?"